The Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Greater Boston is supported solely by the community of seekers who participate in its programs.

Please see below for a description of pledge methods and a pledge form.


As you’ll see on the attached form, there are several ways you can set up your pledge. Each method has advantages and disadvantages for you and for the Finance Department.

• Automatic withdrawal set up with your bank is preferred by the Finance Department because it is an easy and reliable process and there are no finance charges to the center.

• Recurring payment via online banking is another good option. It is slightly less convenient for the Finance Department, but easy for you to set up and change.

• A monthly check is fine for the Finance Department, but requires you to remember to write out and mail the check each month.

• Pledge checks may also be made quarterly or annually, or on another schedule. Please communicate the schedule you prefer to the Finance Department. This method requires you to remember to write out and mail the check according to your schedule.

• Credit cards are the least reliable option because cards expire and are declined and it can take the Finance Department months to re-establish the payments. Also, the center is charged a 2-4% fee per payment.

SYMCGB_Pledge_Info_and_Form July 2017


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